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Crystal structures of several uvrD-like DNA helicases have been solved [ PUBMED:9288744, PUBMED:10199404, PUBMED:15538360]. Teams. Q&A for work. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Learn more Database: Pfam Entry: UvrD_C LinkDB: UvrD_C Original site: UvrD_C All links . Gene (31406) KEGG GENES (31406) Protein sequence (137533) UniProt (137287) SWISS-PROT (246) 3D Structure (18) PDB (18) Protein domain (2) InterPro (1) NCBI-CDD (1) All databases (168959) In uvrD rep cells, we suspected that the cause of toxicity may be unprocessed RecA nucleoprotein filaments themselves. In this scheme, the lethality of the rep uvrD mutant should be suppressed also by a recA mutation, but we have already shown that this was not the case (Petit and Ehrlich, 2002).

that UvrD can pull RNA polymerase backward suggests that the role of UvrD in both NER and collision avoidance is more complex than previously thought. For helicase aficionados, the subtle aspects of UvrD mechanism are intriguing.

Biophysical characterization indicates that ATP-dependent DNA translocation, as well as helicase activity, are regulated by UvrD is a 3′–5′ DNA helicase involved in many DNA metabolic processes, such as mismatch repair 27, nucleotide excision repair 28 and replication of certain plasmids 29. uvrD homolog has been shown to partially compensate for the repair function of E. coli UvrD, suggesting that the function of the helicase is evolutionarily conserved (11). Characterization of this protein indicates that the T. thermophilus UvrD pos-sesses a 3-5 DNA helicase activity similar to the E. coli UvrD (12). In vitro, UvrD dismantles the RecA nucleoprotein filament, while Rep has only a marginal activity.


Currently, we are focusing on different domains of UvrD to elucidate its functional details. Integrated Structural Biology Approaches FIG 2 UvrD protein mediates mismatch repair and UvrABC-dependent nucleotide excision repair in P. aeruginosa. (A) The spontaneous appearance of rifampin-resistant cells was more than 29-fold and 40-fold higher for the uvrD mutant than for the UvrD-like DNA helicases belong to SF1, but they differ from classical SF1/SF2 (see ) by a large insertion in each domain. UvrD-like DNA helicases unwind DNA with a 3'-5' polarity . Crystal structures of several uvrD-like DNA helicases have been solved (see for example ) [4,5,6]. The ONLY lens hood that's easy to pack, install & use. Fits 99% of lenses.

Among these, UvrD, an essential DNA repair enzyme, has been shown to unwind dsDNA while moving 3′-5′ on one strand. *Attention* - We have re-recorded the audio and re-created this video. The new, updated "Virtual Rosary - The Luminous Mysteries" video can be found here - h Abstract.
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Adding recF mutations almost completely suppresses AZT and partially suppresses UV and CFX sensitivity, suggesting RadA processes a class of intermediates that accumulate in uvrD mutants (PubMed: 25484163 ). 1 Publication aspects of UvrD mechanism are intriguing. UvrD is known to load at single-stranded/ double-stranded junctions and, depending on its oligmeric state, translocate on single-stranded DNA as a monomer or unwind duplex DNA as a dimer.3 Therefore, the assembly state of UvrD as it pulls RNA polymerase backward is of interest.

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UvrD is known to load at single-stranded/ double-stranded junctions and, depending on its oligmeric state UvrD, a highly conserved helicase involved in mismatch repair, nucleotide excision repair (NER), and recombinational repair, plays a critical role in maintaining genomic stability and facilitating DNA lesion repair in many prokaryotic species. UvrD helicase plays essential roles in multiple DNA metabolic processes, including methyl-directed mismatch repair. UvrD monomers can translocate along single-stranded DNA, but self-assembly or interaction with an accessory factor is required to activate processive DNA unwinding in vitro. UvrD is a superfamily I DNA helicase with well documented roles in excision repair and methyl-directed mismatch repair (MMR) in addition to poorly understood roles in replication and recombination.

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Suzuko Mimori · Song · 2021. Dec 29, 2006 UvrD Helicase Unwinds DNA One Base Pair at a Time by a Two-Part Power Stroke · Summary. Helicases use the energy derived from nucleoside  Synonyms, uvr502; srjC; uvrE; dar-2; dda; mutU; pdeB; rad; recL. Accession IDs, EG11064 (EcoCyc) b3813. ECK3808 P03018 (UniProt), Length, 2163 bp / 720  Oct 15, 2013 UvrD is a DNA helicase involved in several DNA repair pathways. We report here crystal structures of Deinococcus radiodurans UvrD (drUvrD) in  Oct 19, 2018 UvrD protein can self-associate into dimers and tetramers [11], and its assembly state regulates its properties.